On the western side of Cotopaxi province, near the Quilotoa crater lake, there is the tiny village of Chugchilán. This is a typical village of a remote mountain region in Ecuador. It has a small plaza, a church and a school. The people are very warm hearted. Most of them still use a horse or donkey as transport. Visitors, from a European perspective, will feel like going back a few hundred years in history!

Volunteering in ChugchilanThe voluntary work project for student groups of Andeanface is at the Juan Jose Flores School, named after the first Ecuadorian President. It is a state school and like all public schools in Ecuador it is badly financed due to the lack of financial means. Resources for maintenance and teaching materials are lacking, even more because the school is situated in a remote area.
The direction and teachers are very happy to receive volunteers, who can paint the school, make colourful murals, teach English and simply interact with the local (300!) kids. They would all love to meet you!





Hostel Mamá Hilda

During the voluntary work the group stays at the hostel Mama Hilda, where they receive a heartily welcome from the local owners.
You can get an impression of this family run hostel in the tiny village of Chugchilán on their website.