Andeanface offers Climbing and Trekking Expeditions in Ecuador, including climbing Cotopaxi and climbing Chimborazo. All mountain expeditions are all inclusive itineraries that range from four to thirteen days. They have been designed to make the most out of your travelling time and budget, while offering unique accommodation options like the traditional Ecuadorian haciendas or comfortable lodges, well planned and varied activities, and a cultural touch by interacting with the people of the areas that we visit.

We have invested several years researching the best possible itineraries, taking special care in the selection of our providers and developing a personal relationship with them to create solid alliances.

All of these efforts translate into more reliable services and higher quality standards. We constantly strive to improve what we offer and develop new exclusive adventures.

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Climbing Expeditions

Trekking Expeditions


Complimentary Extensions

Our Complimentary Extension Packages offer great opportunities to explore some of Ecuador's most dramatic scenaries, which have earned the country a reputation as one of the most bio diverse and unique regions on the planet.

We work with carefully selected tourism operators, which will offer the same quality and high standards of service that our clients expect from us.

You can choose from a selection of various (active) outdoor activities in the Galapagos, the Cloud Forest or Amazon Jungle. We highly recommend to extent your trip with a rafting experience.

Other Adventures

Andeanface offers four "other adventures" extensions:
Galapagos – Darwin’s enchanted Islands
Cloud Forest – birdwatcher’s paradise
Amazon Jungle – fabulous biodiversity
Rafting - unrivalled white-water destination