This long extinct volcano is located 45 km South of Quito and just 13 km Northwest of Cotopaxi. Rumiñahui is a huge caldron open to the Northwest, and it is named after the loyal general of the last Inca Emperor, Atahualpa. Once the Spaniards murdered the Emperor, Rumiñahui hid the famous treasure of gold that was to be paid for Atahualpa's freedom, and led the fight against the Spanish conquerors. In Quichua the name means "stone face".


View on RumiñahuiRumiñahui consists of three peaks. We attempt the central summit. Leaving from Quito we start our day with a 2 hour drive to the plateau of the Cotopaxi National Park and start hiking from the Limpiopungo lake located at 3.800 m / 12,464 ft.
The hike normally takes four hours to the summit and two hours down. Technically, it is just a hike with some easy scrambling at the end. The mountain offers a fantastic view of Cotopaxi to the East of Rumiñahui.
The night can be spent in a lodge depending on the next destination of your itinerary.


Day 1On Top

  • Pick up at Quito at around 8:30
  • Two hours drive to Cotopaxi National Park
  • Four hour hike to the summit
  • Box lunch
  • Two hours down to the vehicle
  • Back at Quito by 19:30

Important Note: This schedule is subject to change due to unforeseen difficulties.


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Rumiñahui - Highlights

The Rumiñahui Trekking Excursion offers you the following highlights:

      • Located just 13 km away from Cotopaxi.
      • Right in the middle of the "Avenue of the Volcanoes."
      • Excellent views of Cotopaxi, Antisana, Sincholahua and the Limpiopungo plateau.
      • Just 2 1/2 hours away from Quito.
      • All year round climbing.

Rumiñahui - Logistics

Duration: 1 day

Access: Drive in and drive out

Seasons: All year round

Pre-requisites: Acceptable physical condition

Equipment: Trekking Excursions Gear List
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Difficulty Level:



Rumiñahui - Suggested Combinations

We suggestsome horseback riding and another hike to complete your trip in Ecuador. 
1. Horseback riding
We can arrange different horseback riding trips in the area, to visit either Pasochoa, Rumiñahui or Cotopaxi National Park.
2. Pasochoa
Another option is to hike up the easy path up to the summit of Pasochoa at 4.200 m / 13,800 ft.

Trekking Excursions

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