Antisana is Ecuador's fourth highest mountain. It is pretty remote and offers some of the most interesting climbing in Ecuador. Unlike the other big mountains there is no refuge and a base camp is needed.
Despite its spectacular appearance and the quality of the climbing, Antisana is rarely climbed. This is due to a combination of two factors. First, its moderate technical difficulty, there are no "walk-up" routes on the mountain which means that those who attempt Antisana must have glacier climbing skills. Second, the fact that access to the area around the mountain is restricted in order to protect the wildlife and environment.


The Eroded SummitItinerary The glaciers on Antisana are very active. Their configuration is complex and they are always in process of evolution. Our choice of route will depend on the conditions at the time of our climb. Most likely it will include a combination of moderately angled glacier travel and short, steep sections that require the use of the full range of snow techniques for intermediate terrain. During the last part of the climb we will have to route find. Special care has to be given to the bergschrund below the summit and to potential hidden crevasses.
From the summit there's a wonderful view at the north face of Cotopaxi and a remarkable vista across parts of the Amazon Basin. Summarising, the ascent of Antisana offers great adventure and high quality alpine climbing in a spectacular and seldom visited equatorial environment. The ascent normally takes seven hours and the descent three hours.

Day 1Climbing Antisana; Cotopaxi in the Back

  • Pick up at Quito at around 8:30
  • Travel for 2 hours to the Antisana Ecological Reserve
  • Installation of base camp
  • Skills review and safety talk during the afternoon
  • Early dinner at 18:00

Day 2

  • Climb Antisana leaving at 01:00
  • Descend from mountain
  • Rest, lunch and packing
  • Return to Quito

Important Note: This schedule is subject to change due to unforeseen difficulties.


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Antisana - Highlights

The Antisana Climbing Excursion offers you the following highlights:

      • Ecuador's fourth highest mountain.
      • The least frequently climbed high mountain of Ecuador.
      • Home to the magnificent condors and highlands wildlife.
      • Less than 2 hours away from Quito.
      • Located at the edge of Andean range.
      • Challenging climatic and climbing conditions.
      • Camping in a remote desolated environment.

Watch this small movie of one of our clients - Antisana Excursion January 2010

Antisana - Logistics

Duration: 2 days

Access: Drive in and drive out

Seasons: All year round

Guide-Client Ratio: 1:2

Pre-requisites: Hiking experience

Equipment: Climbing Excursions Gear List
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Accommodation: Camping (4.700 m / 15,416 ft)

Extension: Optional 1 day weather contingency


Difficulty Level: Intermediate


Antisana - Suggested Combinations

The acclimatisation principle of "climb high and sleep low" has proved to be true in any mountaineering expedition. The more ascents you do before a major ascent the more chances to succeed you will have at the end. The speed of how quick a person acclimatises varies from one person to the other.
Following is a suggested list of ascents that are progressively higher.
1. Pasochoa
4.200 m / 13,776 ft
2. Guagua Pichincha
4.797 m / 15,700 ft
3. North Iliniza
5.125 m / 16,810 ft
4. Antisana
5.758 m / 18,886 ft

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