Climbing Excursions

Climbing Excursion

Andeanface has designed its Climbing Excursions as independent ascents to eight of Ecuador's ten mountains above 5.000 m / 16,400 ft, like Chimborazo, Cotopaxi and Cayambe.
All of them are to be done in two days if departing from Quito, but we can arrange to pick you up from another town or city that might be closer to the mountain you choose to climb.

The idea of creating your own itinerary, gives you the advantage of combining some of this single ascents while you are exploring a certain area of the Ecuadorian Andes.
In any case we would suggest specific combinations based mostly on the fact that to climb some mountains, you need to have a very good acclimatisation and a fair knowledge of mountaineering techniques. The climbs we suggest can be single day Trekking Excursions that are in order of ascension, so you can develop an ideal acclimatisation process.

Additionally we would suggest some cultural tours or other activities as complimentary extensions depending on the area where the mountain is.

Remember that our speciality is the organisation of well-developed itineraries, so we can design you an exclusive expedition. Let us know your requirements and ideas.

Each one of the following options presents its own challenges, from long journeys to technical terrain. Please click on an image to select a Climbing Excursion:



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antisana 2

Glacier School

El Altar

South Iliniza

North Iliniza




Climbing Difficulty Levels

The following scale reflects the difficulty of the climb considering the technical specifications, experience required, altitude and duration of the ascent. The grades are roughly estimated and you have to take into account the difficulty varies depending on your personal fitness and experience.

Intermediate - No previous mountaineering skills are required. Climbers should be in acceptable physical condition and it is highly recommended that participants have some backpacking experience. In some cases a rope may be used to belay some exposed places.

Advanced - Basic mountaineering skills required, experience in high altitude and use of climbing gear such as crampons, rope and ice axe is preferred, but not required. A moderate climb usually is on a glacier, you may have to cross some crevasses, the slopes are not so steep (max. 40%) and full gear is used on all climbs. Very good physical condition is required.

Strenuous - More than 6.000 m / 19,600 ft technical climbs with steep snow slopes and exposed ridges, you may encounter some crevassed sections. Experience in high altitude and proper use of equipment as well as some knowledge of mountaineering techniques are required. Climbers should be comfortable on snow and ice up to 50 degrees. An excellent physical condition is a must.

Ascension Success Rates

The following information is based on our own records since 2005. It represents the percentage of trips in which we have taken at least one client to the summit.
Besides the percentage, we also give you a brief description of the most common cause for not been able to reach the top.

Chimborazo: 70%
Icy conditions and lack of stamina from climbers ( clients running out of fuel!)

Cotopaxi: 85%
Strong winds.

Cayambe: 75%
Bad Weather.

Antisana: 65%
Not being able to cross the bergschrund around the summit.

Culture & Relax Tours

Andeanface offers three Culture & Relax Tours:

Indian Markets – Otavalo / Saquisili

Quito City Tour – Old Colonial City

Papallacta – Hot Springs

Other Adventures

Andeanface offers four "other adventures" extensions:
Galapagos – Darwin’s enchanted Islands
Cloud Forest – birdwatcher’s paradise
Amazon Jungle – fabulous biodiversity
Rafting - unrivalled white-water destination